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Q. Why do you give watches away for free?

A. We believe everyone should experience the joy and confidence which comes with wearing an elegant timepiece. We have several free watches and several other premium watches available at a lower cost.

Q. Are your watches really free?

A. Yes, we offer several for free and some premium watches at a low cost.

Q. Are there any other costs I need to pay?

A. We only ask customers to cover the small cost of shipping their order. There are no other costs, now or in the future on any of our free watches.   The more watches you add to cart the less shipping becomes on a per item basis.  Put a few items in your cart and see for yourself!

Q. How can you offer free watches?

A. We work directly with our watch factory and order hundreds of thousands of watches to get the lowest possible price. We have also negotiated preferred rates with logistic partners to ensure we keep postage and packaging charges to a minimum. Yes we do make a few dollars on each sale if you are wondering.

Q. How long will my order take to arrive?

A. Most items ship from our office to you with same day processing (Monday-Friday) Any item that does not ship from our office will take between 10-25 days to arrive. These items are clearly marked in the product description.


Q. What size face are the watches?

A. 40mm for our free watches, premium watches are marked on the product description.


Q. Do you ship to my country, even Canada?

A. Yes, we ship worldwide, including to our neighbors to the north!

Q. Do you sell my details to any other companies?

A. We value your trust. Your personal details will never be sold to third parties.


Q. What if I want to order a lot of watches for my team, fraternity or friends and family?

A. For orders over 10 watches please contact us through our website or email CustomerService@threadandfashion.com we can give you a custom quote.

If you have a question which isn't answered here, please feel free to contact us at CustomerService@threadandfashion.com